Supervised by Prof. Carola Zwick
Semester 5

Arduino, Rhino

Starting Point:
I took up analog experiences of light which origins from fire, using digital technologies to make neo-analog experience and gesture.

3 metaphors from the physical world:
1. When you set a fire, you could blow towards it to make the air flow, the fire will be brighter and stronger.
2. A sudden and strong blow makes the candle out.
3. The flame can be passed from one to another spot.
Transfer metaphors to the lamp:
1. When I slightly blow towards it, the lamp gets brighter.
2. When I strongly and quickly blow towards it, the lamp gets off.
3. A lamp can light up another lamp.
First Prototype
I took 'blow' as an input, using a microphone to detect if there’s a change of the air flow. The blow data will be transferred to brightness of the LED stripe. With a soft blowing the lamp will get slightly brighter. A strong blow will switch off the light.
Technical Layout
a microphone sensor + led stripe + two plexiglas diffusers, two batteries, a hall sensor to detect magnet, magnet.(To realize passing the light metaphor)
After assembling

Light up the other lamp

Breeze Video
Background music: 白水 BAISHUI
Lovely User Testing during Milan Design Week 2017
taken by ins @_kasia.c